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In her beautiful and colorful traditional dress, the Dakaroise elegantly digs her skinny heels into the dusty walkways of the ruthless capital. Coquette, she never goes out without a rich-scented perfume or her numerous golden jewelry. One thing she also never goes out of, is style; but do not let this coquetry fool you!

It is not all about appearances. In a city of hustle and bustle, she, too, hustles and grinds.

Clever, crafty, charming how do you expect to win against her?

Or maybe you never really tried in the first place, did you…?

An irresistible and gourmand-gourmet bouquet combining hibiscus, apple, rose, strawberry, bourbon vanilla.



In her beautiful, colorful and always very elegant basin, the Dakaroise sets the tone.

Coquette, she puts on make-up, perfumes herself, tinkles her golden jewels when she passes, but beware of you if you believe for a moment that everything is appearance.

In a hyperactive city where resourcefulness and hard work are essential, the Dakaroise is on all fronts and always two steps ahead. Do not try to compete with her in charm or cunning, you will lose ... But basically, how can you resist?

An irresistible, sparkling and delicious bouquet of hibiscus, rose, apple, strawberry and bourbon vanilla.


  • Apple, hibiscus, rose hip, natural flavoring, strawberry, bourbon vanilla, rose petals - organic


    Apple, hibiscus, rosehip,  aroma  natural, strawberry, bourbon vanilla, rose petals - organic

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