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Our Story 


"What makes Thes Lac Rose so unique is its boldness, its strong identity and the way it unapologetically dusts off the tea industry by reaffirming the importance of quality, curiosity and pleasure. "

Dalla Niakhaté, Founder of Thes Lac Rose 

Le Lac Rose or Lake Retba is a lagoon located a few dunes away from the Atlantic Ocean and an hour away from the capital city of Senegal, Dakar. What makes it so unique is its unusual and flamboyant pink color caused by its very high salt content.

Senegal and its culture have always been very deeply rooted in me.
On paper, I am your typical Parisian but I am and will always be Senegalese at heart.

From a very young age, my mother who is from Dakar herself, introduced me to many traditional teas and homemade herbal blends. This is how I developed my taste for teas, their scents and their flavors.

Today, Thés Lac Rose is a tribute to my mother, to Senegal, to my bicultural upbringing and to the constant search for new tastes, nuances and new horizons to explore.

Thés Lac Rose's mission is to share this flavor-enthusiasm with adventurous and sophisticated taste-seekers. We aim at amazing your palate and capturing your heart with our boldly and naturally flavored black tea blends.



Are you ready for the journey?

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