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History of Lac Rose teas


"What makes the  So unique Lac Rose teas? Our daring, our passion, our concept of seasonality, quality  of our blends as well as our will  to reaffirm the importance of curiosity  and taste ecstasy. "

Dalla Niakhaté, Founder of Thes Lac Rose 

Lac Rose is a lagoon located between the Atlantic Ocean and Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

As its name suggests, Lac Rose is pink; and flamboyant on top of that!


The Senegal  is an integral part of my identity. On paper,  I am your basic Parisienne who rattles quite often, hates the metro, loves the banks of the Seine and spends the slightest sunny afternoon in  the terrace of a cafe  overcrowded in St-Germain.  

I am just as Senegalese and you would gladly count 1001 times the magic of the famous Teranga, the exceptional taste of tchieboudiene, the musicality  Wolof ...

From an early age,  I was  introduced to a multitude of teas and herbal teas from Senegal by my mother, a true Dakaroise  and that's how I developed  my passion for teas, their smell and their flavor.

The name Thés Lac Rose is therefore a tribute to  my mother, in Senegal, at  my bi-cultural universe  and  To  this constant quest for new aromas and  horizons.

The mission of Tés Lac Rose is to share this passion for flavors with the most demanding and curious taste buds.  

Don't take our word for it.

Taste, fall in love, start over.

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