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Our teas  come from producers  locals in small areas of Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan and India.
Our leaves are harvested
  ethically and our partner plantations are all ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership) certified.  

Every season we  let's develop a collection of three unique blends created  from  tea  black to which we add flowers, fruits, natural flavors and aromatic herbs.  

Tea  black is a tea  of character with an identity  strong aromatic that you have to know how to boldly balance with the best ingredients.

As for tea  in bulk, unlike  most tea bags available on the market, it does not denature the leaf and allows all its taste properties to be retained as well as its health benefits  (tea  is a source of many antioxidants and promotes the slowing down of cellular aging, inter alia).

Our strength lies in the fact that we do not seek to  sell the most popular teas ...
We have tea
  very seriously and it is in an almost artistic approach, "Couture", that we  let's develop our blends.

These are inspired by the colors, smells, experiences and various encounters of a season. 
Our teas do not want
  neither classics nor  any.
Our teas are "Couture": our tea leaves
  are picked at  the hand and our mixes are handmade.

To be consumed without moderation and with love, always.

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